Why this project?

I have been searching for JTAG flash programmer since I and couple of colegues made SBC using IBMs PowerPC 405GP.We searched the net and found absolutelly nothing.Altrough there are some profesional Flash programmers like:
- BDI2000 but they are to expensive (2500EUR) for students.

For hardware interface we decided to use Xilinx Parallel Cable III. Which we already had. Cable Schematics is in PDF format. You can download it from here.
Well the write performace is rather slow with TAP register length 400 bits and emulating write cycle with two writes we could expect aprox. 500 bytes/s. We write 128kB within 4minutes and 22 seconds

Project Status.

- bring some colors to site,
- site updated,
- project is suspended up to 1st week of October 2002, because I have to do some exams in university
- CPU file parsing works,
- reading and writing to devices on processor pins works,
- found drivers for WinNT,Win2000 and WinXP,
- project ported to 32bits using Dev C++
- project started,
- everything that works is Reading CPU ID code,
- program works in 16bit DOS mode only

Last site update: 15.09.2002


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